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Hearing Conservation Program (HCP) Effectiveness

Effectiveness of your HCP

With approximately 5 years of known valid data it is possible to establish a trend line of hearing health for your company to evaluate the performance of your hearing conservation program and determine its effectiveness.

This sophisticated statistical analysis provides an inestimable added value to your Hearing Conservation Program as Occupational Hygiene and Safety managers obtain an objective view of the effectiveness of their strategies for protecting employees’ hearing.

You also obtain advice directly from experts about the most efficient way to reduce the risks of occupational hearing loss and to minimize the inherent costs of compensation.

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Audiometric Quality Assurance Analysis

Every year, as part of their inclusion in the HCP, workers undergo audiograms to document their hearing acuity. Whether you conduct your hearing tests in-house or you use the services of a consultant, this represents a recurring cost, in terms of investment and lost production time. It’s important to ensure that the data you receive from this activity is of the best possible quality.

Before you do any statistical analyses using your data (such as an Evaluation of the Effectiveness of your HCP), we strongly recommend that you first verify the integrity of your data with BJA’s Audiometric Quality Assurance analysis.

This software takes into account the presbyevolution based on either ISO 7029 or OSHA F-1, F-2 tables as well as the interval between two audiometric tests.

This statistical approach can be applied for a single worker or to your entire audiometric database.

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