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"Noise induced hearing loss allocation of liability"

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Allocation of liability for Hearing Loss

In the scope of the regular hearing test exam, some workers may show hearing loss that is inconsistent with their age and exposure history. This decrease in hearing acuity can be due to many reasons. Whether or not these are well understood and accounted for can affect liability and the economic well being of your organization.

By using the expert services of Bertrand-Johnson Acoustics (BJA), employers will assume only their share of the liability. From the occupational history of an employee and the levels of noise to which they have been exposed, BJA can attribute - according to the sequential order of exposure - liability for each employer. In addition, the predictive model developed by BJA takes into account noisy non-occupational activities and pathological problems.

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The employer assumes
only their fair share of liability according
to the risk to which
a worker is exposed
in the company