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HPD Effectiveness Analysis

Adequate selection of Hearing Protection Device (HPD) for a specific job is essential to the success of your Hearing Conservation Program.

Incorporating the New ANSI S12.68 method and all attenuation formulas, Bertrand-Johnson Acoustics (BJA) has developed a program matching workstation or task noise exposure levels with various hearing protectors; providing the most adequate protection to noise exposure while avoiding safety hazards from overprotection. Let BJA help you select the most adequate HPD for your workers.

Save time in selecting the most suitable HPD for a job
For OHS managers, making the most suitable choice from supplier catalogues and technical data sheets can be a complex and arduous task. With this service, your OHS manager not only saves valuable time, but also makes an informed technical choice.

Offer better hearing protection to your employees.
One of the main objectives of a HCP is to prevent or halt the progression of NIHL. By selecting the most suitable HPD for a specific workstation, your employees are the winners.

Reduce the risk of accident and injury due to over-protection.
Over-protection often isolates the worker from the environment. Accidents result from non perception or non localization of warning signals or verbal warnings, and sometimes produce serious injury – even death. A properly selected HPD allows you to avoid over-protection while cutting out the risk from harmful noise exposure.

Facilitate the selection process for purchasers of HPDs
BJA HPD analysis is objective. The cost of a HPD should not be the primary reason for purchase, nor does unit cost alone represent the best value. BJA’s program includes the complete list of the HPDs indexed in the NIOSH Compendium. The generated report/ratio will not promote a specific supplier, but it does provide an unbiased list of models which meet the criteria identified in the analysis to provide the most suitable attenuation level. If the HPD that you bought or whose purchase you are considering is not included in the NIOSH Compendium, you can forward the data sheet to us and we can add it to the analyses.




Select the HPD most
suited for a specific job

Reduce the risk of
accident and injury
due to overprotection.

Facilitate the specification
of correct HPD by
equipment buyers