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On-site audiometric screening tests

Invest in your workers’ hearing wellness

For over 30 years audiometry has been a part of hearing conservation programs in occupational medicine. Take advantage of Bertrand-Johnson Acoustics’ turnkey service and effectively organize this activity in-house.

Bertrand-Johnson Acoustics (BJA) supplies all the equipment necessary for audiometric testing:

  • Certified audiometric booths (evaluation of the ambient environment to respect the BNQ and ANSI S3.1-1991
  • Calibrated audiometers;
  • Certified technicians;
  • Audiometric screening test management software: Corti®;
  • Verification of results by expert healthcare professionals.

The BJA staff is always available (day, evening and night shifts) to answer your needs.

Thanks to BJA’s audiometric screening test services, you can:

  • Ensure professional follow-up of workers exposed to noise;
  • Screen and detect employees who are particularly sensitive to noise;
  • Prioritize actions to be taken according to the audiometric profiles of exposed workers;
  • Support management in its pro-active and preventive measures to reduce the deleterious effects of noise exposure;
  • Obtain an audiometric profile of your employees based on a pattern analysis of hearing thresholds;
  • Inform management, unions and exposed workers of the risk of hearing impairment thus sensitizing them to these hazards.

Do not forget Pre-employment Audiometric Testing :
If there are crucial tasks in your company which require good hearing and/or legislated levels of hearing, or if hearing loss constitutes a risk for those tasks, an audiometric test at hiring time is strongly advised. Doing this:

  • Establishes the hearing status of the worker as well as compatibility with the environment of the position being considered;
  • Prevents possible conflicts with the Workers Compensation Agencies concerning hearing loss liability.


Take advantage of this turnkey service:
NO equipment
investment required

Personalized scheduling
to reduce impact
on production

Control / reduce
the costs of your claims
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