"Noise induced hearing loss prevention"
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"Effects of noise on hearing"

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Education and Motivation

Good hearing is essential to enjoy life. No one is better suited to take the steps for protection than

Education is essential to the success of your Hearing Conservation Program because personnel and employees will not actively participate in hearing conservation unless they understand its purpose and how they will directly benefit from the program.

Bertrand-Johnson Acoustics (BJA) prioritizes meaningful education to motivate personal action:

  • Explanation of the harmful and irreversible effects of noise on hearing as well as other health consequences (heart, eyes, balance, digestion, etc.)
  • Awareness of the social inconveniences that ensue from hearing loss both at work and during leisure activities
  • Overview of what an audiogram is
  • The importance of effective and adequate hearing protection

Possibility for individual meetings and professional analysis of special cases.

Workers exposed to noise as well as administrators and supervisors and members of the Health and Safety Committee can benefit from this course.

Course Length: 1 hour

This course is recognized by Emploi-Québec.



Facilitate prevention
by making employees
aware of the harmful
effects of noise