"Custom Molded Hearing Protectors with filter"
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Custom Molded Hearing Protectors

As every auditory canal is different, insert-types of hearing protectors may not be appropriate for all workers. Bertrand-Johnson Acoustics (BJA) offers Custom Molded Hearing Protectors which adapt perfectly to the particular shape of any auditory canal.

Custom Molded Hearing Protectors with filter

In very noisy surroundings, a full custom molded hearing protector is recommended. However, it can be provided with an acoustic filter that produces non-linear attenuation. It tones down excessive noises and impact noises without alleviating contact with the outside world. It allows for better speech comprehension in noisy surroundings.

Custom Molded Hearing Protectors without filter

We recommend Custom Molded Hearing Protectors without filter to swimmers suffering from otitis. Without the acoustic filter, it is completely waterproof to the wearer's external auditory canal. They can be also used by people who want to sleep in all tranquility.


Custom molded Hearing Protectors are laboratory-fabricated in accordance with the user's ear imprint. It is very important that the impression be done by a health care professionnal (doctor, nurse, hearing aid specialist, etc.) The health professionnal goes on-site, saving you invaluable time.

  • Non-allergenic and hygienic material
  • Washable with warm water and mild soap
  • Two years average lifespan
  • Available in a variety of colors: blue, red, green, yellow or skin-toned.
  • Includes a fabric or plastic string connecting the hearing protectors (for food industry)
  • A small container is offered for storage
  • A metal ball can be inserted in the custom molded hearing protector when necessary for metal detectors



Custom molded hearing Protectors are more confortable

Custom Molded Hearing Protectors with filter reduce excessive noises without overprotecting

"custom molded hearing protectors with filter"
Custom Molded Hearing Protectors with filter