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ONIHL, Occupational noise induced hearing loss


For over thirty years, Doctor Robert A. Bertrand, MD, specialist in neuro-otology, has devoted himself to occupational medicine and hearing preservation in the work environment. In 1976, he and his associates began offering professional services to industry. He was named director of the Hearing Conservation Program for the Quebec Mining Association (QMA) in 1977. Tasked with developing an effective Hearing Conservation Program, Dr Bertrand and his associates set about finding ways to determine whether the Hearing Loss was work-related or due to some other causal factor. The pro-active approach they developed was so effective that 15 years later, the number of claims associated with occupational noise-induced hearing loss (ONIHL) decreased by 50%, resulting in significantly reduced compensation costs to the Quebec Mining industry. Recognized by his peers, Dr. Bertrand was retained as a consultant in 1986 to the CSST (Quebec’s Worker’s Compensation Board) to evaluate new standards for compensation of ONIHL which were then implemented in 1987.

Always in sync with the latest technologies, Dr. Bertrand marketed his data-processing approach to audiometric screening test management with the unique software product, Corti®. In 1998 he joined leagues with Dr. Daniel L. Johnson, Ph.D., to create Bertrand-Johnson Acoustics Inc.(BJA), consolidating their collective expertise and R&D activities in the field of Hearing Conservation. BJA’s mission is firmly founded in acoustical research and the prevention of ONIHL. In 2005, Ninon Bertrand, who has worked with Dr. Bertrand for over 30 years, assumed the title of President of BJA, Inc. so that Dr. Bertrand may devote himself entirely to research and development along with his renowned statistician, Jean Zeidan, M.Sc.(stat).